Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo, S.A. was established in the year 2000 to provide firms with high technology, modern infrastructure, services, education (entertainment) and the support that is required for success. Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo actually has 1.2 million square feet disposable for development.

Geographical advantages
There is a saying in real estate “location is everything”. The Dominican Republic has taken a step forward with the establishment of the Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo, S.A., which is the first strategic location of high technology in the country.


The PCSD was established to accomplish the unique necessities of participating firms and the global economy and high technology.  Parque Cibernético Santo Domingo, S.A. is located five minutes from the international airport of “Las Americas” and of the mega port “Caucedo”. The PCSD is surrounded of an extended highway, with easy access to the capital and the rest of the country. At short distance from the cybernetic park, is located one of the best golf courses and beaches of the Caribbean.  

The Dominican Republic is the route of the Caribbean located under 45 minutes by air San Juan Puerto Rico, 2 hours of Miami Florida and 3 hours and a half New York. Santo Domingo is a very convenient place to make business.

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